"How much is my case worth?"

This is a potential client's first question to a personal injury attorney.

CaseYak plugs into your firm's website, gives visitors AI-backed case value estimates, and instantly sends qualified leads and case values directly to your inbox.
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Simple setup, tailored to blend with your brand.

1. plug it in

Easy, seamless installation

CaseYak sets up quickly and easily on your website and blends right in with your existing design.

2. engage your visitors

Stand out from other firms

Whether implemented as a "bot" or a standalone page, CaseYak takes your visitors through an intuitive, simple question flow about their case.

3. capture the lead

Qualified leads sent to your inbox

CaseYak delivers a lead report to your inbox with the case value estimate as well as other key facts about your new lead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use CaseYak?

It all depends on your goals. If you're looking to beef up your homepage and encourage interaction, consider using the CaseYak bot. If you're running a PPC campaign and driving traffic to a landing page, you might consider embedding CaseYak on a fresh page on your website.

CaseYak's effectiveness depends on your ability to market and highlight it to your visitors. It is ultimately up to you to determine the best way to do so.

Where does CaseYak get its data?

While the sources of our data are proprietary, we use publicly available data from jury verdicts. Our data spans ten years of jury verdicts, and pulls in over 35 data points from each verdict.

Where is CaseYak available?

Right now, CaseYak is only available in Colorado. We are working on expansion to other states. If you're located elsewhere and interested in CaseYak, drop us a line and let us know!

What Happens to the Leads Obtained with CaseYak?

A report on each lead obtained through CaseYak is sent instantly to an email address (or addresses) of your designation. If you decide to use your own disclaimer language (more on that below), we suggest using verbiage which makes it clear to the user that they consent to being contacted by someone at your firm upon submission of the form. After submission, it is up to you to reach out and sign up a new client!

How do I put CaseYak on my firm's website?

CaseYak can be implemented on your site as a "bot," placed on a page, or both. All it takes is one snippet of code to get CaseYak set up on your website!

Will you help me deploy the platform on my website?

Your web developer should be able to understand how to deploy CaseYak, and we are happy to help facilitate the process. Depending on the level of our involvement, we may charge setup fees. Some implementations are more complex than others, depending on how your website is hosted.

Do I need my own disclaimers?

We understand how important it is to set realistic and manageable expectations for your clients. We recommend using disclaimers as a means of doing so. While we provide suggested disclaimer language, we also allow for full customization of your instance of CaseYak to make sure your firm can use its preferred verbiage.